Wednesday, 12 May 2010

After 76 days of building or 117 hours and 20 minutes I've finished the empennage kit!! An amazing achievement having never built anything apart from flat pack furniture before. Today's tasks involved rivetting the final skin on the HS and cleaning up the skin as JC5 once again got everywhere - I might leave the blue stuff on the wing skins when I get on to them as it made clean up on the VS a lot easier.

I also had my first experience of working with fibre glass and that stuff is rather dusty!! My scotch brite wheel made short work losing excess material and then 80 grit sand paper finished the part quite nicely. A good feeling tonight to put my workshop set of empennage plans away for a while until it's time to do the finish kit.... A good few months away before I need to worry about that.

Tomorrow at some point my Wings and Fuselage kits will arrive on a lorry so all the finished parts are on my wheeled work benches tonight so I can move stuff out when they arrive and I think I will need to plan how to use the space in the best possible way as I currently have to store the tail cone in the garage. Right now I suspect it will be easiest to unpack the wing crate of small parts as this takes up a lot of space in the workshop and maybe store the wing skins outside in the wooden case wrapped in a tarp for bad weather protection?

I guess the build will re-start next week and now I think I deserve a decent sized drink to mark my achievement.